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Go Paper-Lite:
Power your data management strategy with Electronic Records Management (ERM).

Discover a new era of record management that empowers your organisation to make the most of your data. A transformative approach that reshapes the way you handle and store essential documents. Law Image’s state-of-the-art solution offers a host of benefits that redefine record management strategies across various industries, including mining, medical, insurance, corporate, and more.

Streamlined Operations with ERM

In an era defined by digital innovation, managing physical records can be financially taxing and operationally cumbersome. Organisations find themselves continually allocating resources to accommodate physical storage, retrieval, processing, and re-storage of documents year after year. This not only incurs financial expenses but also places a strain on valuable human resources.

Law Image’s Electronic Records Management solution redefines record keeping. Say goodbye to physical storage woes and embrace a streamlined, secure, and cost-efficient approach that empowers your organisation to focus on what truly matters.

Analysing, Categorising & Digitising

Electronic Records Management - Law Image

Analysing Information from Physical Documents
We start by analysing your physical documents, aiming to understand their essential data. We then categorise them using a customised classification protocol designed for each project. This crucial step determines the overall digital archiving cost.

Electronic Records Management - Law Image

Categorising Data
Categorisation is key to efficient record management. Based on the industry, we analyse and categorise the data into relevant groups, enabling seamless access and retrieval as needed. This helps keep the cost of electronic records management low.


Electronic Records Management - Law Image

On-Site Support
Should on-site support be required, we offer the flexibility of analysing and classifying data either at your location or within our highly secure premises. This ensures that the process aligns with your specific needs and security requirements.


Electronic Records Management - Law Image

Digitising Documents
Harnessing cutting-edge scanning technology, Law Image expertly captures physical records with precision, transforming them into electronic archives that boast impeccable image resolution and the appropriate file format. Our capabilities extend to scanning oversize plans and documents, ensuring no detail is left behind in the transition.

Electronic Records Management - Law Image

Smart Digital Files 
Our ERM solution offers smart digitised files that are organised to elevate efficiency. Objective coding, capturing important metadata, and employing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) techniques ensure that your documents are not only accessible but also easily searchable and categorised.

Electronic Records Management - Law Image

Data Transfer – FTP Link
Once your electronic files are prepared, we facilitate seamless data transfer through a secure FTP link. This ensures a smooth and safe exchange of data, guaranteeing the integrity of your information throughout the process.

Secure destruction of original documents.

Upon successful digitisation, Law Image returns the original documents to you or carries out secure destruction upon request. We take great care in properly disposing of the original physical documents, working with reputable partners for destruction and providing a Certificate of Destruction to ensure transparency.

Why Choose Law Image for ERM Service?

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility
Transitioning to electronic records isn’t just advantageous for your organisation; it’s also a step towards sustainability. Reducing paper usage and adopting electronic records contributes to environmental preservation, aligning with modern trends and responsible business practices.

Enhanced Data Security
Physical records are susceptible to damage, loss, or unauthorised access. Electronic Records Management provides a fortified layer of security, therefore ensuring access controls, encryption, and audit trails so that sensitive information remains protected.

Streamlined Access and Retrieval
The traditional process of locating and retrieving physical records can be time-consuming and arduous. With our solution, access to records is just a few clicks away. Your team gains the ability to swiftly retrieve and interact with documents, boosting overall operational efficiency.

Efficient Collaboration and Remote Access
With electronic records, collaboration among team members becomes seamless, irrespective of their physical location. Remote access to documents ensures that your team remains productive, even when working remotely or on-the-go.

Law Image Testimonial

Law Image ensured the documents were processed in a manner that suited our long term strategic needs. All of this was done at highly competitive prices. I strongly recommend Law Image to anyone who needs heavy-duty litigation support.

Lachlan Currie | Senior Associate, Hall & Wilcox


We provide secure document collection and delivery services to ensure the safe and timely transfer of your physical documents to and from our processing facility. Additionally, we offer free pick-up and delivery services in the CBD area for your convenience.

The cost of an ERM project varies depending on its type and size. To receive a personalised quote, please contact us at 1300 529 462 or simply fill out the online contact form.

Your output files are securely transferred using encrypted methods via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) link. This ensures the utmost safety and confidentiality during the transfer of your valuable data.

Absolutely, we fully understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality. Law Image is an ISO-certified firm, and we have stringent protocols in place to safeguard your confidential documents and maintain client confidentiality at all times. For more detailed information about our information security policy, please visit Our Policies page.

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