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Unlocking Efficiency:
Elevate your law firm’s performance with our strategic Litigation Support services.

Drawing upon our in-depth industry expertise, we specialise in providing strategic Litigation Support to law firms seeking to bolster their teams with adept on-site resources.

Why consider Litigation Support services?

In the dynamic realm of law, the need for agile and proficient legal resources can often be a game-changer. Our mission at Law Image is to empower law firms with tailored legal resourcing solutions that streamline operations, enhance productivity, and allow legal professionals to excel in their core pursuits. 

In a landscape that requires quick adaptability and precision, our Litigation Support specialists are ready to handle your projects swiftly and effectively.

How can litigation support service help you?

Litigation Support Services - Law Image

Outsourced Document Production Staff
We provide the option to outsource production staff to work onsite at your firm, ensuring seamless integration and collaboration. Our experienced professionals can assist with tasks such as document production including copying, printing, data organisation, and preparing legal materials, directly contributing to your Litigation Support efforts.

Litigation Support Services - Law Image

Efficient Court Runs for Filing
Our dedicated team is equipped to handle court runs for filing, ensuring timely submission of legal documents and alleviating the administrative burden on your firm. With a meticulous approach and in-depth knowledge of court procedures, we streamline the process and provide a reliable solution for meeting court deadlines and requirements. 

Litigation Support Services - Law Image

Digital Processing
Law Image provides a comprehensive digital processing service encompassing scanning, data entry, and copy typing. Our skilled team efficiently handles these tasks, ensuring that documents are digitised, organised, and readily accessible. Additionally, we provide Objective Coding and eDiscovery support services right from our Law Image premises.

Key Benefits

Enhanced Efficiency & Agility
Enhanced efficiency and agility are fundamental benefits of partnering with Law Image. By augmenting your team with skilled legal resources, you ensure that tasks such as legal document production and management are handled swiftly and accurately, freeing up your core legal professionals to focus on their clients.

Flexibility During Peaks
Litigation Support service offers the flexibility to scale your workforce based on fluctuating workloads. You can quickly onboard additional resources during busy periods to meet deadlines and maintain high-quality output without straining your core team. We are also equipped to extend support for high-volume overflows and out-of-hours support from Law Image premises.

Access to Expertise 
Given the vast complexities of modern litigation, it is overwhelming for attorneys to juggle the legal, administrative, and technical skills necessary for the case success. By tapping into specialised legal resources from Law Image, you get access to wide variety of experts, fostering innovation, collaboration, and improved overall performance of your law firm.

Cost Savings
Opting for Litigation Support allows you to avoid the expenses associated with hiring full-time employees for short-term or project-specific needs. This cost-effective approach ensures that you pay for resources only when you require them, optimising your budget while maintaining optimal productivity.


Litigation Support encompasses various services designed to help law firms manage and organise legal documents, evidence, and data during the litigation process. Law Image offers outsourced staffing solutions, where our experienced professionals work at your firm to handle Litigation Support tasks, including document printing, copying, scanning, data entry, and data management, to streamline the litigation workflow and ensure critical information is readily accessible, when required. 

Yes, Law Image can handle any overflow and out-of-hours project demands by providing support from Law Image premises. 

Yes, our services are highly customisable to meet your firm’s unique requirements. We understand that every law firm and litigation case is unique. Our approach allows for flexibility, enabling us to tailor our services to align with your firm’s specific needs, whether you require support for a single case or ongoing litigation assistance. 

Our cost-effective model avoids expenses like recruitment, providing financial savings while ensuring access to experienced professionals. Instead of hiring full-time employees, firms can access experienced professionals on a project or ongoing basis. This approach often results in cost savings, as firms can avoid expenses such as recruitment, training, and benefits associated with in-house staff.  To get a quote, contact us at 1300 529 462.

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