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From Challenge to Triumph:
At Law Image, your success becomes our case study!

Case Study: Legal Tech Team Processes 60,000 Hard Copy Documents in Record Time

Discover how Law Image’s Legal Technology team tackled a monumental challenge by processing 60,000 hard copy documents within a six-week deadline for a critical legal case. Facing tight timelines and complex requirements, our dedicated team combined strategic planning, advanced technologies, and rigorous quality assurance to deliver exceptional results. This case study highlights our commitment to efficiency, innovation, and exceeding client expectations in the fast-paced legal tech landscape.

Case Study: A High-Stakes Court Book Production Success Story

Law Image recently undertook a critical court book production project with a remarkable turnaround time, coming to the rescue of a law firm facing potential penalties due to a tight deadline. When their previous service provider failed to deliver, our team stepped up, processing 1,500 files overnight and preparing 168,000 pages within a tight deadline. This case study highlights our prompt action, strategic approach, and commitment to quality, demonstrating our ability to meet and exceed client expectations in high-pressure situations.

Case Study: Coding Project with Tailored Requirements

Law Image has triumphed in delivering a demanding coding project within tight time constraints. Assigned by a client for an ongoing legal matter, the task entailed coding 10,074 documents with intricate additional fields, necessitating tailored solutions under pressure. Challenges were abundant, particularly in implementing specialised field captures and adhering to precise client protocols. Despite these hurdles, the legal technology team’s perseverance and effective communication ensured project success, securing continued collaboration with the client for future endeavours.

Case Study: Weekend Print Job Success

Law Image demonstrates its expertise in handling time-sensitive printing projects for law firms, as evidenced in this case study. Tasked by Australia’s premier independent law firm, the challenge involved printing 146,000 pages, adding 21,900 tabs, and organising them into 231 folders for an arbitration trial in Perth, with delivery to three locations. Despite several unprecedented challenges, the team worked tirelessly round-the-clock to meet the established deadline, earning commendation from the client for their quick turnaround and quality work. Subsequently, the team was entrusted with overseeing the remainder of the trial’s printing requirements.

Case Study: Agile Approach to High-Volume Coding Project

Law Image collaborated with an Australian government department on a significant coding project involving approximately 22,000 documents for a national litigation initiative. Facing the challenge of varying document precedence levels and frequent priority changes, our team adopted an Agile framework to ensure flexibility and adaptability throughout the project. This case study outlines our approach, key stages in the process, and successful outcomes achieved by leveraging Agile methodologies.

Case Study: Precision Coding Breakthrough with Law Image’s Complex Data Solution

Law Image has been instrumental in aiding law firms and government entities in accessing crucial evidence and documents, thereby conserving industry resources and finances. An international law firm enlisted Law Image’s assistance in processing a substantial volume of documents for a national disaster enquiry, comprising around 250,000 pages of hard copies. Challenges included the manual nature of book scanning and navigating COVID-19 restrictions while working on-site. Despite these obstacles, Law Image successfully processed and delivered the documents on schedule, garnering praise from clients for the quality and timeliness of the service.

The firm has used the services of Law Image since 1999. During that time we have found Mik and his team have provided prompt and accurate services, often under huge time pressures with requests for quick turnaround. We used Law Image in Brisbane during a large arbitration and found the service there to also be of the same high standards we have experienced in Melbourne. The people from Law Image that I have met have always been courteous and professional and ready to assist with any task requested.”

Matthew Croagh | Partner and Head of Office
Norton Rose Fulbright, Australia